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Viva Las Vegas and Falcon Lake getting on a major roll.

I wrote in my last report that Falcon Lake has taken a major turn for the good. Yes indeed it certainly has and I don’t see any signs of it slowing down either. The lake is fishing as big as I have ever seen it. With that said……the dam area is by far the best thing going in my opinion. If you put your time in and know of those sweet spots on a spot you will get paid and in a big way down there. Lures that are working?……The list of lures not working is far shorter. Hell I caught a few on top water the other day. You can catch em how you like to right now let there be no doubt about that fact. We have been very fortunate this year in regards to our water levels. We have had a lot of help from Amistad and we have been holding in the mid 270’s (ish) for a while now. I really thought we would of been off the ramp at the state park by now. VERY VERY happy to see that we may very well make it to hurricane season above 264. (fingers crossed) Here are a few pics from the last couple of trips I’ve run including Glenn’s new personal best that just missed 9 pounds.


img_6089.jpg img_1686.jpg

img_1687.jpg img_6095.jpg

img_6096.jpg img_6093.jpg


And man I love this next pic……Pops bringing his boys down for a Falcon Lake fishing trip. Truly gets no better than that.



With the summer upon us the fishing is going to be about as good as it gets in 2019. I just booked my first fall dates last week as well. Kimbo and Geoff love em some October Falcon Lake……

img_5303.jpg img_5304.jpg


I can’t say that I blame em.


***That concludes the fishing portion of the report***


I just got back from 2019’s first trip to Vegas. I met my Mom and Sister out there and we had our typical terrific time with each other. Unfortunately none of us made it out of there on the plus side of the ledger, but then again none of us go there to hit it rich. Hell my goal is to go gamble as hard as possible and come home with enough gas money to fill the Ranger up to go fishing upon returning. (mission accomplished) I also met this guy out there for a few days….


Half of Team Boyz from Illinois……Sr. Vaughn or known in these parts as Quarter Can Van or Buddy Select. Good times were certainly had and I am happy to report that my liver did indeed survive. Here are a couple more pics from the trip that was.



…..and here is a pic of High Stakes Bassin CEO and I on our way to see Carrot Top.



I will frame that pic. God only knows how much I love her.


And Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Momma’s out there. Including this beautiful thing.



Take care High Stakes Bassin fans and hope to see ya along the border soon.



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