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Video: Falcon Lake Heartbreak Hotel – Joel buys me a truck! – FLT 10xds and a 7.8 lber

By February 5, 2013February 6th, 2013No Comments

Here is the first video from the series. **SPOILER ALERT** It’s a thriller with a really sad ending.


Then there’s my man Joel.




Thanks for the towels Joel! It’s official, Gatorade is now a sponsor of





Check out the pic below.




What’s in the box you ask?




They are flying off the shelf as we speak. Buy 50 or more and get the discount. Mention the code Rosie.


I took 3 fellas out to the pond today and no we didn’t have much luck. These three guys whipped the water to a froth from the North end to the South end and back again and managed 4 fish. Yep, 4…….Chris did manage a very nice 7 lb 8 oz beauty though. Thanks again for the opportunity men. I sure hope for our sake the fish turn on in the next few days! I have a 3 day trip on the books starting tomorrow. Sounds like they are bringing the right attitude to the water. As bad as Falcon is fishing the past few days, the right attitude is an absolute must.