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Falcon Report

Unexpected two day trip and a rub down for big B

By September 18, 2012September 21st, 2012No Comments

Well got a phone call from Brian last night and he ran into some bad luck while down here. The compressor on his merc blew up on him. Luckily I had a couple of days here that were open. We certainly did not hammer the fish. We did finish strong though and caught a decent stringer with 4 fish over 6 lbs. The Ball N Chain did most of the heavy lifting. No surprise there. Brian caught two quality fish, one over 7 (he didn’t want to photograph it….. Grrrrr) and a 6.9 that I talked him into snapping a photo of. It was literally the last cast of the trip :-). The north end of the lake was better for us by far….. I think it had more to do with the fish turning on in the afternoon though. I have him again tomorrow as well. I have had a lot of interest in my z521, if you want a great boat at a great price drop me a line. Check out the pics below of the big B getting a manicure.

Total fish: 13
Best 5: about 29 lbs
Kicker: 7 lb’er not picture :-/