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Falcon Report

Unexpected day off……

By July 27, 2012No Comments

Well Got up this morning ready to go do a lil walrus hunting.  I checked my phone and noticed a message from my client.  He had been driving all night and got to Laredo and his trailer barrings went out on em.  I feel terrible for him and he is still in Laredo I believe trying to get his trailer fixed.  I can tell you it ain’t going to be easy on a Friday with short notice around here.  The wind looked menacing again today, so maybe he didnt miss much and hopefully he will be back on the road soon.  The wind looks better over the weekend and I might be booked too.  (fingers crossed)  Steve, my client the last couple of days, decided to stick around.  Soooooo we might just have to go give em heck again and catch a few bigguns on the Hudd.