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U2 comes to mind…..


What an incredible day to be alive and on Falcon Lake. I had 3 goals for today’s trip……


1.) Get the new lefty reels I just bought dialed in.

Mission accomplished and you all know I don’t pimp any products(or very few) because I pay for my stuff just like everyone else. I’m sponsored by my hard work and wallet, but I have to tell you Daiwa’s Lexa reel is seriously bad ass. They are in the same price range as a Revo or Curado etc.


2.) Check two creeks that I have not been in months

The first creek I checked only took 15 minutes to figure out yes, yes it is loaded up and ready to be put into the milk run. I caught two keepers and had one fish bury me in a hardwood of all things. I would of liked to have seen that one, but maybe I’ll get my hook later….lol. The second creek I wanted to check? Good grief it was a battle of wills and I lost convincingly. I spent around 2 hours in there (maybe closer to 3) without a single bite let alone fish. Did I get a tid bit stubborn? you bet. It’s a prime example of why I go out scouting… clients will NOT see the inside of that creek anytime soon.


3.) Probe a few offshore locations with the 10xd

I did not get to do as much of this as I would of liked because of creek number 2 from above. With that said I did pull into an area that was just straight loaded full of fish and I caught em on the 10xd in 23 foot of water all the way to 1 foot of water on a lipless crankbait and everywhere in between. I beat this area to death trying to catch a fish that would of hit 3 lbs. Didn’t happen. A LOT of 0.5 pound to 2.5 pound fish. I’m not going to even try and pretend that it wasn’t fun….lol. Because it was a dag gone blast. This last spot did cause me to be more than a few minutes late picking up the kids from tennis.





You have no idea how bad I wanted to hit my honey holes today, but I didn’t. They are primed and ready for anybody man (or woman) enough to step into the ring. You all know who your opponent will be.


kick in the balls




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Gracias many times over.







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