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Falcon Report

Two fantastic return clients are back for 3 days…..

By March 10, 2013No Comments

…..starting tomorrow.  When Bo and Rex where here last the fishing was very, very, very hit or miss and mostly miss.  They were the ones that were here for the hit and I do mean hit.  They had a monster trip and am I hopeful they will do it again, as the fishing around here continues to get better.  Now let me slow everyone’s roll down just a bit…..I said better.  You are still looking for 15 to 20 bites a day with a few 6+ lbers mixed in and every now and again a MONSTER.  All phases and patterns are available at this time.  The shallow spinnerbait and flipping bite on the North end of the lake is still probably the most consistent.  This bite will also get your line stretched a lot more too.  As many of you know the shallow gig is not my deal, but I have been banging in the jungle a good bit of late out of necessity.  I have never thrown a spinnerbait so much on Falcon in my entire life than what I have the past 3 weeks.  My parents and the Elites will be in town a week from today.  Should be a lot of fun……6 straight days are on the books and then a good long break in the action.


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