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Falcon Report

Two different bass trips with two different results……

By January 14, 2014No Comments

Largemouth trip…….


Goose egg breakfast








I don’t think you need a PhD in Charades to figure out how many fish we caught. The Jim’s deserve better than this, but our boat was not the only one that struggled. It’s a grind out there folks. Mr. Tim Griffin had one heck of a 20 minute stretch today where him and his clients straight up went crazy at 2 o’clock and boated 13 fish with a 34 lb stringer. They caught only 3 fish the other 500 minutes……lol. Just one of those deals where you’re in the right place at the right time. Jim and Jim are at it again tomorrow for round 5.


Well I took the girlies fishing tonight for some white bass fun and boy did we have a good time. No goose eggs….