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Falcon Report

Two days of the Elite Series is in the books: Halftime report – no surprise and surprises.

By March 22, 2013No Comments

….My dad and I are having a blast.  For the most part we have tried to stay out of sight and out of mind.  We have done a very good job of that, rarely seeing a boat unless in transition or checking on a few horses.  Speaking of horses?  My man Keith is a dag gone Clydesdale.  Keith is going to have to continue putting the hammer down tomorrow…….




…..Sunday’s North wind is looming and will wreak havoc on anybody in the 12 man field that has to travel South of Bob’s.


Halftime Report –


No Surprise:

1.)  Keith Combs is leading.  Keith and I did a couple of trips together and we spent A LOT of time-sharing water all over the South end.  I knew the fish he was on and he is catching them and trust me folks he is on more fish than just the “dam” fish.  The area he is fishing gets pounded day in and day out.  Here is the deal…..that “area” has 3 nitro zones that need to be milked.  If you don’t know where they are you are wasting your time.

2.)  The 39-4 lb check line.  4 days ago I bumped into Kurt Dove  at the gas station and I told him I thought 40 lbs would be the cut line.  I was pretty close there.

3.)  Here today, gone tomorrow ooooor Gone today, but what do ya know, here tomorrow two-day weights: (a few examples below)

80 Shaw E Grigsby 5 23- 2 3 6- 5 8 29- 7


82 Brandon Palaniuk 5 20- 8 4 8- 8 9 29- 0


59 Chris Lane 2 7-14 5 28- 7 7 36- 5


67 Zell Rowland 2 6-13 5 28- 1 7 34-14


14 Kotaro Kiriyama 3 16- 6 5 32- 7 8 48-13


52 Michael Iaconelli 5 8-11 5 28-14 10 37- 9


74 Kevin Short 5 23-15 3 8- 6 8 32- 5


The above examples are classic Falcon Lake 2013.  You can be on top of the world one day and get a hard dose of reality the next regardless of whether you are a legend like Mr. Grigsby or an up and coming super star like Brandon Palaniuk.  I have experienced the above on numerous occasions this year.  I know what you are thinking….”hey Jay there are a lot of variables as to why weights fluctuate daily”.  I agree, but the last two days didn’t have a lot of moving variables or at least not as many moving variables as Falcon can sometimes throw your way.


Check out Skeet Reeces two-day tally….fishing the SAME water both days.

30 Skeet Reese 4 11- 8 5 32- 4 9 43-12

2013 Falcon Lake in a nut shell.


4.)  only 12% of the field was able to muster up a 5 lb average for 10 fish.


5.)  the damn Dam success….nuff said.


too the surprises……..


1.)  The shallow water dominance.  I wrote this blog last week.

I have been fishing a lot of shallow water over the past 2 to 3 weeks and even I can’t believe the sheer numbers of Elite boats that are in the trees.  Not only in trees, but catching some dang big sacks to boot in there.  I thought most of the pros would do what Matt Reed is doing.  Go shallow and get the limit and then go to work on the deep bite.  Most of these fellas are going shallow and staying there.  I watched Rick Clunn straight up pick apart one twig at a time in the shallows today for roughly 30 minutes.  Results? try 32-9.  Amazing.


2.)  Of my 7 “spots” that I felt could win this tourney, 4 of them have been untouched.  Well, at least when I have been watching.  VERY surprising.


3.) Foundation success……not going to elaborate much here.  Some of these were money for me last year, but have been waaaaay off for months.  One pro today showed me they are “back”.  Well done sir.


4.)  The number of folks that moved in on Elite pros and fished right on top of them………



5.)  28% of the field did not catch limit one or both of the first two days.  That is surprising considering the strength of the shallow water bite.



That’s enough blabbering for one night.  I still believe the 100 mark will not be as easy as some are thinking right now.  Falcon is going to get mean people.  The North wind is coming.