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Two days in paradise with the Jig Master and the Zara Spook Kid.



That’s a pic you don’t see everyday here at A bass CHOKING a jig……A BASS CHOKING A JIG. Sorry, I liked saying that so much I had to write it again. I told Hugo that the bass weren’t on jigs. He said nonsense and proceeded to catch the only two Walruses of the trip on… guessed it, a jig.




But Jim wasn’t to be out done by Hugo. I told these men that catching a bass on a top water plug on Sugar Lake couldn’t be done.




……Mind boggling I know. These guys walked more dogs this morning than a sequel of 101 Dalmatians, but that was the only one that would come out and play. Thankfully I pulled my bet off the table this morning.


Poker chips, large sum concept


Most of the bass this trip were like the ones pictured below….3 to 5 pounds.

IMG_2318.JPG IMG_2326.JPG


Had a great time with these men and can’t wait for them to walk the dogs here on Falcon! Thanks again guys and hope to see ya again soon.


Looks as though I am going to have a day off tomorrow. My Monday cancelled and these guys moved their trip up a day to take advantage of the great weather. After tomorrow I will be working everyday until I head to Vegas. I have a feeling I will be sleeping more than I will be playing blackjack. The 18th and 19th of April are now booked and so is the month of April.



My pillow is calling……









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