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Two days in paradise with Phillip and Tracey.



The picture above was my favorite picture from our trip. It has nothing to do with catching walruses or 44 fish. (which they both did) Rather it has everything to do with enjoying life and each others company. Listen, I’m not delusional…….I know catching fish matters and I know catching BIG fish matters, but in the end? Did you have fun? Look at that pic above. We had a great time and wish I was still there drinking a cold one with those men, but with Valentines Day on the horizon I think we made the right call.



We got to Sugar Lake Friday morning and stopped by the motel to drop off our bags and say hello to Juan and most importantly to drop the Cosby kids off at the pool. While we were there Phillip decided to talk to a group from Louisiana that was leaving out that morning. I asked Phillip how they did while they were down. Phillip said that they had struggled a bit and the bite was very tough. Yikes!!!!! Well 1 o’clock rolled around and we boated our 20th fish of the day and Phillip looks at me and says I guess I can come clean after our 20th fish. Those guys from Louisiana? They zeroed the last 2 days and decided to head home early. Thankfully he didn’t share that with me as we headed to the ramp because I would of been in panic mode.



Don’t take what I said as a brag of any sorts. Sugar Lake has kicked me square in the groin on numerous occasions. She has a ceiling of 50 lb stringers, but a floor of a Krispy Kreme Donut. It happens to the best of em, you can believe that. Check out the two walruses that found their way to the net!



I should of taken measurements of the fish above. Goooooooodness gracious. MASSIVE. Phillip also scored a beautiful walrus of his own.



There needs to be a new type of Walrus category for these Sugar Lake fish. I don’t what to call em……Brick shithouse Walrus?….Tank Walrus? Bowling Ball Walrus? No idea, but these things are ridiculous. Phillip had a game changing fish on yesterday. She broke him off in a submerged tree top. We both thought it was a better fish. Well she swam 2o feet to the right and jumped up out of the water and threw his hook. She removed all doubt. Phillip asked me then how big I thought she was. I didn’t give him a straight answer then and didn’t give him one today either…….and won’t now!……lol. Why you ask? I HATE to speculate on a fish of that caliber. I’ll come clean on David’s 11-15….if we hadn’t of boated that fish I would of sworn up and down she was 14 plus. I was really happy we got to see that big girl. If only the GoPro was rolling. Here are a few more pics from an awesome trip.

IMG_1969.JPG IMG_1966.JPG


IMG_1975.JPG IMG_1976.JPG

IMG_1968.JPG IMG_1979.JPG

IMG_1980.JPG IMG_1978.JPG


I can’t thank you two enough for the opportunity. You both could go anywhere on the planet, but you chose to come fish with me on a lake that I consider Heaven on Earth. Thanks Amigos.








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