Trick or treat……

Falcon was certainly no treat today. The weather was spectacular and I ran the entire lake and then some. I feel awful for John J. He came down in May and I was on fish of a lifetime. Well he came down and the wind blew and we were trapped as to where we could fish. So that trip was a tough one. This time I don’t have the weather card to play. Don’t have any excuses to use. John and his friend are very good sticks and have the best equipment money can buy. So to boat 15 lbs is certainly a big time disappointment. Towards the end of the day John announced that an ice cold beer sure would taste good….he got no arguments from Mike and I. We headed in a bit early and called it a day. John and Mike have another day to go. We all stopped in at Falcon Lake Tackle to buy some secret weapons. We hope to take these fish by surprise tomorrow. The new z522 and the SHO combo simply an amazing fishing machine. It’s like fishing from an aircraft carrier and the hands free Terrova is simply a must have trolling motor if you fish offshore. My girls had their first Zapata Halloween and I mean to tell ya it was fun. My wifes friend’s husband has a trailer and loaded it up with hay and presto, we were hayriding. Man I love this town.





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