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Falcon Report

Tough day at the office……

By October 25, 2012October 26th, 2012No Comments

We couldn’t get anything going today. We caught 8 fish… that’s not a misprint. We missed probably 15 fish easy. One spot in particular we missed our first six shots at em until Chris boated one. I caught the biggest dang gar I’ve ever seen. We were fishing a ledge that dropped into 30 ft of water and I was tickling the side of it in 15 ft with a 6xd when this monster hit. It fooled me big time. I honestly thought I caught a 20 lber. Go ahead and laugh. 🙁 I have certainly caught my fair share of gars, but not cranking on a ledge like that. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I don’t have clients tomorrow, but I will still be on the water working my @ss off. An 8 fish day is just not acceptable. Thanks again Chris and Mark. Good luck on your own tomorrow. Looks like I will be picking up my new ride Monday. I hope to get the break-in done Tuesday. Looks like  John J. (another repeat client) will get the first shot to fish out of it Wednesday and Thursday. Should be fun.


Total fish: 8

Best 5: about 22 lbs

Kicker: my 7 lber