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Falcon Report

Tough day at the office

By January 31, 2014No Comments

Brandon saved the day with our only good fish and we didn’t get this one until the final bell. I was on top of the dag gone world there for a few days… Good grief Falcon is being one finicky @ss #$%tch. I spent 5 hours today fishing my best off shore stuff in Tigers without a stinking bite. You say why the hell did you stick with the off shore stuff so dang long? Stubborn and only catching 2 fish yesterday in the thick stuff. There’s your answer. My fellas from Kentucky struggled big time yesterday, but texted me today and they got on em pretty dang good. They also hooked me up with some candy as well. Thanks men. You ask what I have planned for tomorrow? I am going to sleep on it.


Here’s a look at Brandon’s fish.





Thanks for the opportunity fellas.