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Tough bite this week for my boat.

Falcon has been some kinda tough nut to crack for me the last two trips. Monday was brutal up until the last stop….

img_2129.jpg img_2131.jpg



……and today was just brutal. To the tune of 7, yes 7 fish and I did click every one of them for authenticity.


They are REALLY pulling some water right now.



I knew it was coming…..still doesn’t mean I have to like it and I can tell you that the fish I have been on don’t like it either. I cancelled a 4 day job next week unfortunately. The guys didn’t want to switch to Sugar and I didn’t feel taking them here on Falcon for 4 days was in their best interest either. Do I think I will get dialed back in with all this moving and dropping water? Sure……and I love gambling…ya’ll know that, but I refuse to gamble with other peoples hard earned money and valuable vacation time. I’m back on Falcon Monday for a one day job with a father/son combo and they are well aware of today’s underwhelming performance…….their response? “Hey man we are coming for a good time….not worried about the bite.” I got a funny feeling that these guys might run into a few……adjustments are in the works.




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