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Falcon Report

Top tier sticks + great info + Falcon Lake =

By October 11, 2013No Comments

40 pound monster stringers, right?




The Texas Team Trail is in town for their championship this weekend.  Let there be no doubt in anybodies mind these fellas are good…..VERY good.  Many of the anglers have fished this lake for years.  Some that I have talked to said this was their first time on Falcon.  Many hired guides over the past month or so and those that did have a clear advantage over the folks that fall under the category of never seeing Falcon before.  I am very interested in seeing what it will take to win this two day event (5 fish per day).  I think a 5 pound average will be very good and something to be proud of.  Will it get you a first place check?  I really don’t think so, but a check?  Yes.  I think a 30 lb bag will be the golden ticket each day.  Now if you asked me to bet my life on over or under 30 lbs I am going to go under.  James and Tom from FLT and I were talking weights with some different scenarios today.  James and I have a friendly bet on the table for tomorrow.  I took the under 30 sack……James took the over.  Like I said a few lines back…..the men that fish these events are extremely dedicated and as talented a fishermen as you can put on a body of water.  Especially a body of water in Texas.  (yes I am including FLW and BASS folks too)  These guys are good…plain and simple.   Between James and Tommy taking my money on the golf course and now this “friendly” bet I may need to get a second job or three. (I have a lot of open dates coming up….lol)  I want to wish the folks fishing in the tourney nothing but the best.


Official prediction:

1st place check: 56.73 lbs

Check line: 49.69




Madison update……she is healthy and needs to continue to be healthy for 6 more days until those tonsils get removed.