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Tony’s back!…..

…and today he brought down Denny to try and tame Ole Falcon Lake. Today was a strange day. Rain, mist, downpour, sunny, cloudy, sunny again….etc, etc. Our day could of started with a big bang, but we zeroed on our first 4 bites and all were of top notch quality. We only BOATED 1 fish at 1:16 pm. Then Tony went full Hank Parker and just straight up wore the gold off his willow leaf spinnerbait.


Most of our boated fish were once again between 1-3 lbs. The key word today is BOATED. We had several quality bites, unlike yesterday where we only had the one. Towards the tail end of the day Denny did even up the score a bit on the Falcon Lake Walrus crew. Just a beast of a fish and what a freakin fight.


Speaking of walruses…..remember “The Fish Whisperer” from two days ago? They went bat shit crazy today.

IMG_6384.JPG IMG_6383.JPG



Well done men.



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