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Falcon Report

Tommy and I hit the lake bright and early today and……..

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It certainly didn’t take Tommy long to jump on me quick… Like second cast quick.




This morning had nothing to do with play. It was all business. Our goal was simple. Run and check water for you all out there. We fished for maybe 2 hours and spent a good bit of time driving, graphing, and checking water depth on certain pieces of structure that we like. We were off the water by 11 and the mission was accomplished……now it was time for play, as in golf. Yesterday, in gale force winds I had 4 birds and an eagle. We ain’t talking BS chipping it in etc. We are talking 7 footer for eagle. Now I will come clean as I always do here with you all. I certainly didn’t shoot any course records yesterday because I still had to play the other 13 holes.  lol. Sooooooooo needless to say I was looking forward to roughing up ole Mr. Law today. Here is a pic of me heading to the first tee.





Yeah, Tommy was going down.


Eighteen holes got put in the books aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…….The photo below was a pic of my faithful fans that made the trip to watch the match.