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Tom goes walrus hunting on Falcon Lake.



Hey!!! I hear you SOB’s laughing…….that is a walrus on Falcon Lake and hell damn near a MEGA Walrus. To give you an idea, Tom is a hell of stick here on Falcon and fishes it quite a bit and that’s his biggest Falcon bass of 2016. We caught 10 fish today and that fish was our biggest. We fished timber 97.58% of the day. Had a great time with Tom and good grief he brought some of the best damn deer jerky or heck any type of jerky I’ve ever had. Too bad my girlies sniffed it out in 13 minutes.

ren and stimpy


Tom is heading to El Salto in two weeks and then back down here to see me for a 3 day Sugar trip in 4 weeks…….talk about a GREAT month of April. Speaking of great months…….



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…..many times over. Let’s look at an April that is filling up fast.



If hand to hand combat is your thing and you think you have what it takes to pull an 11, 12, 13, 14+ lb fish out of hardwoods shoot me a text, email or call and we will get you a date with destiny and Wendy……Wendy Walrus.

wendy walrus


She says you ain’t got what it takes.







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