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Falcon Report

Today was too much fun…..

By October 20, 2013No Comments

We did it all today. Did I make my fair share of mistakes? Yes, I sure did. I wish I had these men one more day. The strong North wind that we had yesterday REALLY threw a monkey wrench in several of my most productive areas. I went from crystal clear water two days ago to chalk or worst yet mud. I also stayed with the deep bite entirely too long. I know what your thinking……that doesn’t surprise you does it. UGH. Through all of my mistakes we still caught plenty of fish and one straight up monster.





Notice there isn’t a lot of “open” water in the background…


Just call me a shallow water expert.




Most of our fish were like the ones pictured below. (1 to 3 pounds) Danny, Matt, and Hayden thanks. See you fellas again soon.