Today was pretty slow…..thankfully we had Lambo



No, no, no……not that Lambo……..


This Lambo….




This just in…….the shirt doesn’t have anything to do with making that fish look big……lol. It tipped the scales at 9.02. It was big. We only had 3 walruses on today and unfortunately boated just the one pictured above. We battled today folks. We caught 22 fish with 19….yes, 19 fish between 0.25 (yes for those of you scoring at home, that’s twenty-five hundredths of a pound) and 3 lbs. We boated just 3 fish over 4 lbs. I chickened out and didn’t fish my main lake stuff. I was worried about the wind and to be honest the wind wasn’t the factor I was anticipating. I am still REALLY happy for that young man in the picture. He was straight up vibrating with excitement when that fish hit the bottom of the net. Just another fantastic father son combo. Congrats again Landon on your new personal best!!


Oh and I almost forgot to mention that David was a straight up warrior today.



He played hurt today with a big toe sprain which really impacted his ability to get into that good sports position while fishing.



Well I am lobbying for a new truck. I need one of those monster trucks… know the ones. Jacked up big ole tires and a damn DIESEL baby.





Come on Powerball………








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