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Today was a head scratcher

We had 20? 30? bites today and put 8 in the boat… mega dinks and certainly not walruses either. All of em were pretty much like the one pictured below. We broke off a good fish on a c rig and had a good fish in the hardwoods that we didn’t connect with…..other than those two bites everything was in that 1-3 lb range today. We for the most part did the Northern tour of Falcon….we are gonna switch it up and launch down South tomorrow. Dion and Nathan were great to fish with today.¬†They had every right to get discouraged with the way the fish were biting the lures¬†and for a 3 hour stretch in the middle of the day not biting anything at all. We are going to go try and pic up a walrus or three tomorrow and send these guys out in style.





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