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Falcon Report

Today was a first.

By February 26, 2013No Comments

For those of you that have fished this lake and know it pretty well will appreciate this. I started the day waaaaaaay North at White House and ended the day in the back of Salinas. I have done the Salado to Salinas trek many times, but not the river to Salinas. I tried as hard as I could and burned an insane amount of gas in efforts to get on fish. I’ll cut to the chase, it didn’t happen. We each had a fish on…..Jack was the only one who boated his fish. Ron’s fish was a dang good one……we were fishing a deep point and he set the hook and fought here half way back to the boat, just to have her let go of his worm. Ron got his worm back and it was bunched up on the hook. The fish was never hooked, but held on to his worm the entire time he was fighting her. I did not hit the dam, tigers, state park cove, or government today……Anybody wanna bet money on where I’ll be tomorrow? Check out the motor cover! Thanks Danny!!!



Is it me or does the word BUST look big………