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Falcon Report

Today was a first…

By November 14, 2013No Comments

We boated 0 fish, yep nada. Benny could of been our hero today. He had a true beast of fish on that simply pulled off as it headed for deep water off the point. Benny did not come close to stopping her. That was where the excitement started and ended today……I did take Ron and his son Ryan out two days ago as well. It was shaping up to be a very good day on the water until the wind shifted and started to blow. The ole light switch was flipped off and after today’s episode I can see that it’s still off…..well at least for me. James at Falcon Lake Tackle told me Jimmy Behnken smacked 3 fish over 8 lbs and I talked to Mr. Law and they caught 1 before 10am and 13 afterwards. That’s all good news…..there’s hope and a warming trend on the way.










Madison has been terribly sick again and after seeing the ear, nose, and throat specialist yesterday they decided to do the surgery today at 6am. I am happy to report that the surgery went well and she is resting up and feeling better already.