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Falcon Report


By July 29, 2012No Comments

Pauley Bunion had nothing on us today. I have been fishing with Steve most of the week with his nephews, friends, employees, etc etc. We have stayed deep pretty much the entire time. We rolled up our sleeves today. We hammered the heck out of em for 4 hrs. Damn it was fun. Did we catch a 10 lb’er?…. 40 lb sack? No and no, heck we didnt catch a 6 lb’er and we didn’t even have a 30 lb sack. Falcon is getting a lot of play on the internet about being a shadow of its former self, washed up, dried up, yada, yada, yada. You won’t hear that crap on this blog. Back in 2009 My dad and I went out with arguably the best guide this lake has ever seen and we fished until 11 o’clock and we caught 2 fish. Turn the page to 2012 and catching a 30 lb sack with a 9 lb kicker is a terrible day on the water! Yes i read that on the net. Lol. Let’s not forget what put this beautiful lake on the countries radar. The 2008 elite series blew the lid off of Falcon and people like me have dedicated their lives to fishing it ever since. People couldn’t believe the 4 day total that the top 5 amassed. Let me guess, in order to make the top five in an “elite” series tournament you needed a 40 lb stringer each day right? I mean after all Falcon was in its hay day and those were the best fishermen on the planet. Sorry doomsayers it took about 31 lbs over 4 days to crack the top 5. Trust me folks, Falcon is doing just fine. Have we had some tough days of late? Sure. Has the wind been 30 plus for most of the week? Yep. Here is the bottom line folks….It’s fishing and mother nature will do her thing. Falcon is no magical fairy land where everybody catches DD’s and nobody takes pictures of 8 lbers. Falcon gives you the best opportunity for that magical day than any other lake in the country. People always ask me for advice and best the best advice I can give is to not let the hunt for that trophy fish ruin your trip. Come and enjoy Falcon for what it is….. A wonderful fishery. Luckily every single one of my clients has had a great attitude and many have found their fish of a lifetime…. Some will be back down to give it another shot with me and that’s all ya can do. Ok……step awaaaaaaayyy from the soapbox and nobody gets hurt… Lol. Steve has already booked 20 more days between now and April of 2013. Pretty cool to say the least. Thanks Steve! Check out my neighbor doing some work with his friends!!! 10’s? Yep…. 40 lb stringer? Yep! 2 days ago in a hurricane. Lol

And let’s all pray for some south and west Texas rain.

Total fish: 27
Best 5: around 23 lbs
Kicker: we didn’t have one… Lol