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Three words you never want to hear from a guide holding a net………

“Man I’m sorry”…….Yep I blew the net job on a ridiculously big fish for Blake yesterday. Thought about giving you a second by second account of the disaster, but I’ll pass. I’m pretty bummed out to say the least. Worst net job of an elite level fish in 4 years. We had several big fish opportunities yesterday, especially after lunch. Today? We whacked the daylights out of a smaller caliber of fish for the most part. We boated a 7.46 on day 1 and a 7.08 on day 2 for our big fish of the two day trip. Bill, Blake, and Mike were so fun to fish with…..I’ve had Bill down here with Gary back in September and October. This was the first time fishing with Blake and Mike. Good times……and Blake took the terrible net job a lot better than I did.

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We even caught fish on a crankbait and jig this trip, but the lizard was still the dominant player. Blake had the hot color in a limited supply and I could give you 15 guesses and I don’t think you would guess it. Think overcast skies for much of the two days… with red flake and a chartreuse tail. Heck Blake even melted em back together last night and re-used them today….lol. Gonna have to check ole Falcon Lake Tackle’s inventory manana. The family and I were planning on heading for San Antonio for a lil fun for the weekend, but we just started a major bathroom remodel and Momma wants to shop for some granite and other such goodies. Monday starts a wild stretch for me…..I’ll be on the water for 14 straight days and in some bad weather to start. I will post an update on the site at the end of the month, but you can always check out the Facebook page (High Stakes Bassin on Facebook) for pics throughout this 14 day stretch.

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