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Three new personal bests and the newest Falcon Wall of Fame member

By May 10, 2013No Comments



A big congratulations goes out to the newest member of’s Falcon Wall of Fame………Paul got it done today with a fight for the ages and a well earned induction into the Falcon Wall of Fame.






What a special day. Not only did Paul break his PB from the other day(8-4) with the 10.64, but we had two other PB’s broken today as well.




Chris finally got on some big fish today and landed one of them that went 7.59





Mike had a tough day yesterday with one big fish after another getting off.(silly big fish) Today started the same way(just 7-8 lbers not the DD’s from the day before…, but he finally snapped his 24 hour bad luck streak with a new PB of his own that beat his 8-4 from two days ago. Mike also added several other 5’s and a 7.00 even today.




I was really hoping this fish was gonna hit 9, but juuuuuuuuust shy.





We wanted that 40 lb stringer BAD today, but just and I do mean JUST missed it.





All of the personal bests and heck most everything once again came off of deep cranks.(no shock in color selection….citrus shad) The fish were not on top of the ledges like yesterday. We had to parallel the ledge today to get a consistent bite. Yesterday we threw on top and drug the crank off and then BANG. Different day with the fish setting up differently, but still were plenty active. I have one more day with these fine fellas and the weather for tomorrow is a MAJOR concern. I hope we can fish tomorrow, but we will be looking at a game time decision in the morning. We have a terribly strong front looming with some potentially strong North winds. Safety will be the main priority for tomorrow.