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“This is what they mean by shooting fish in a barrel!” – Ken Sr.









As you can see by the pics, the morning was full on bedlam. I thought we were gonna catch 300 fish Friday, but the bite did slow down as the day went along. Our last stop was the gravel point that Kevin and I just slaughtered em on. The Ken’s didn’t even get so much as a sniff on it and it wasn’t for a lack of time or effort. I was flabbergasted… say the least. Even with the slow down we still managed to catch fish at every stop but the last gravel point.




I hate posting late, but a good time was had at Nuffy’s Sports Bar here in Zapata last night. Posting after that would not have been in anyone’s best interest….lol. This morning we were off to San Antonio to ride horses, get pumpkins and eat some good food. I am back at it here on Falcon tomorrow¬†morning¬†with Cliff and his son.

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