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Falcon Report

The wind blew harder than a woodpeckers……..

By December 28, 2012No Comments

…….you all out there have a dirty mind. The answer is lips. I wish I could repeat a lot of the conversation from today, but unfortunately it was anything, but G rated or heck R rated for that matter….lol. We had a great time getting blown all over the place and trying to sink my bullet today. We launched South and got into one protected area first thing in the morning and hunkered down. It’s all we could do. The weather man missed the wind predictions and timing as bad as you could miss. The wind wasn’t supposed to hit double digits until 11 o’clock. Well at 7:15 we not only had double-digit winds, but gusts well above 20 mph. Thanks for the help Mr. Weather man. We went in for a restroom break at 11:00 and yeah that was a face slapping good time and also very wet. After the restroom break we headed back out the channel and started surfing the waves and at that point I decided not to file an insurance claim on a sunken bullet and we put it back on the trailer. I wouldn’t have wanted any part of that mess in my z522 let alone the bullet. We headed back to Zapata to fish the Veleno and low and behold the wind layed down enough for us to not just hit the veleno, but to run practically to Bob’s knob. You know what they say about all good things coming to an end right? Yeah, the wind picked back up for round 2 of a face slapping good time. All in all the fishing was disappointing yet again. To be fair though, I couldn’t hit my grade A spots because of the terrible wind. A pretty good excuse for a piss poor day. Yesterday as hard as I tried I couldn’t muster up a good excuse… Momma Nature hooked me up. I am going to meet Chase and Ginger again tomorrow morning bright and early. We are going to make a game time decision on whether or not to fish tomorrow. It’s supposed to be BITTER cold, but low winds. After today’s mess of a weather guess nothing is for certain and we will make our decision at the last possible moment.