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The weather down here is winning……

……and as long as it brings not only the wind, but the RAIN I don’t mind and speaking of wind and rain. We got blasted yesterday. If it weren’t for my wife calling me and telling me to get off the water we would of been in trouble. She was on her way to work and had to pull over because of the blinding rain and hail. It was the first time in her life that she has ever had to pull over along the road and we are talking many, many┬árain storms and snow storms that she has driven through in her life.




Those are fields to the right and left…..not lakes. lol……


It was an absolute beast of a storm let there be no doubt.



Before Mo Nature kicked us off the lake Scott boated a nice keeper and Dal’s son Danny had a big ole girl wrap him up six ways from Sunday in…..drum roll……

kick in the balls


… I am off for the next several days and that includes typing any sort of ramblings here. Life is fixing to get pretty busy over the coming months. If you want to get any Falcon dates down on the books, the sooner the better. See ya when I see ya Falcon Lake fans.





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