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The vacation, the new boat and the catastrophe known as Harvey

This month was a terrific month for me minus the root canal yesterday. I spent 3 weeks with my folks and it doesn’t get any better than that for me. The first 4 days were spent in Ohio watching the tribe, gambling and visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The next 9 days were spent in PA visiting more family and friends. The last week or so was spent back here in Texas picking up the new boat. Here are a few pics of the happenings.

img_3137.jpg img_3074.jpg

img_3156.jpg img_3100.jpg

img_3120.jpg img_3127.jpg

img_3149.jpg img_3113.jpg

img_3200.jpg img_3202.jpg


And my new favorite pic….


If I could of stopped time I would of done it right there…….right freaking there. Soooo fortunate to be able to do things like that with my folks. Nothing is better.


Here is another favorite pic of mine……the girlies are back in school and both are big girls on campus. Sierra is in 8th and Mad Dog Madison is in 5th.



From fun and great times to the news of the devastation of Harvey along the Texas coast and Houston’s surrounding areas. I know 100% of you have seen and/or are monitoring the developments there so I will spare you and not regurgitate what you already know. As far as how Harvey impacted my area of the world? It didn’t……Harvey completely missed the border and I do mean completely missed. The biggest rain event in the History of the USA completely missed us by about 150 miles. Although I do pray for rain and tropical activity nightly for the border and our lakes…..I certainly hated to see the pure devastation that came with Harvey. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with Houston and the surrounding areas……and my hats off to all of those that have driven there with flat bottom boats to aid in the rescue efforts. I have a few friends that have been hard at it for the last 48+ hours as I write. Be safe men.


After 3 straight cancellations it looks as though my first job in the new boat will be Saturday here on Falcon Lake. Hopefully I will have a fishing report to write with a few nice pics mixed in.




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