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Falcon Report

The Straight A Kid….

By February 4, 2013No Comments

……Awards ceremony at 12:15 and I get to go.  Goodness I am proud of my girls.  I will update tonight after I prep the boat for battle and hang with the family.




***10:30 UPDATE***


I talked to 4 different boats tonight.  Two zeroed, 1 boat caught 1 and the other boated 4.  Nothing over 3 pounds.  I talked to my clients and made sure they understood the potential grind that lay ahead tomorrow.  There will be three of them in the boat tomorrow.  More lines the better.  Goals are as follows:

1.) Everybody catches at least one fish

2.) Run every square inch of Falcon starting from the North to the South and back North.  USA side only.

3.) Catch 1 fish over 8 lbs

4.) Give them several options to fish the rest of the week

5.) Have a good time regardless of how many or few fish we catch


And finally, the pic of the Straight A Kid today.