I prepared these men for a 5 to 7 bite day with hopes of putting an 8 lber or two in the boat. We were well on our way to hitting the 7 bite mark when……20140403-203836.jpg



This cat CRUSHED that spinnerbait……Todd thought the 8 lber was on for a brief moment, but unfortunately it was the wrong species. Well, this is where the story takes a turn for the worse. I reach down with my pliers to unhook this thing and got my pliers on the hook and proceed to try and remove the the hook one handed. The cat shook and put it’s bone spike right through my finger tip. It shook again ripping my finger tip off.










Warren and Todd are world class fellas and I felt awful about ruining their day on Falcon. We hit the water at 5 this afternoon and fished for about 2 and half hours without a bite to show for all of our hard work and perseverance. Todd did catch two nice bass prior to the ER detour with the best going 5.59. (pictured)



I have these men for two more days and hope to do a better job staying on the water and on the fish.




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