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Falcon Report

The ole Coaster is nose diving…….and a Jackwagon in an all white Champion.

By December 17, 2012December 21st, 2012No Comments

7 fish….ugh. Dale and Josh as mentioned in previous posts are great return clients of mine and fortunately have seen MUCH better fishing here with me. Their Falcon experience back in May with me will be one they will never forget. Today?…..ugh. The lack of fish biting certainly didn’t stop us from having a quality time together. I wish these guys would come down once a month. Fun doesn’t begin to describe these fellas. Josh did manage a 6.9 and we caught a few other 5 pluses, but we worked hard for everything we got. We will give em heck tomorrow regardless and hopefully we will bump into the Falcon Bass Santa out there.



To the Jackwagon in the white Champion…..what were you thinking? Being a dumb@ass almost got you killed. Thankfully and I do mean thankfully my clients and I didn’t witness a full on tragedy on the water today. Common courtesy would have prevented all of this from happening too. Karma can be a mean BLEEP. To the story. We were fishing a ledge with the boat sitting in 35 foot of water casting toward the land in 6 foot of water. This guy comes cranking along staring at us not paying attention to whats in front of him and proceeds to cut right between us and where we were throwing. Problem is that 2 feet past where we were throwing is a rock pile that is 3 inches ABOVE water. These guys thought it was cool running over our spot and line. That was up until he smashed into the rock pile. Now folks I am not talking about looking at your buddy and saying, “hey I think I hit something did you feel that?” I am talking they should be thanking their lucky stars they aren’t dead. They hit that rock pile at every bit of 40 mph. How they both stayed in the boat I will never know. They turned around and heading back toward the ramp. I can’t believe the motor still was running and that hull has to be a total loss. I don’t wish bad on anybody and I am grateful that I didn’t have to perform any life saving measures today. With that said, not being a jerk would have prevented this from happening. Plain and simple.