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The Men from Monterrey Mexico……

…..came to Falcon Lake and boy did they whack on some fish. They called Tony and I yesterday and lined up a trip for the 5 of them. We had 3 adults, a 12 year old and a 6 year old. We also had low 40 degree temps and a STRONG cold North wind to contend with. When I showed up at their motel I was prepared to cancel the trip, but when they came out of their room I could tell cancelling would not be an option. These men came prepared for the Arctic, not Zapata Texas. I was impressed and even more impressed with the two young men. Two of the finest most respectful kids you could ask for in your boat and boy did they give it heck all day. Between the two boats we probably boated 50 fish. The catching was awesome especially after about 11 o’clock and the wind died down to 15 mph as apposed to 20 plus. The catching also picked up when I switched everyone over to finesse plastics such as baby brush hogs, baby flukes and Roboworms. 95% of our fish were small, but still a lot of fun to catch and these guys had a blast with Tony and I. Here are a few of the small fish and a couple of Jr. Walruses that were caught today. I know the fish that Alec is holding with me doesn’t look all that big, but it was about 6 pounds. We will work on his fish holding skills on his next trip. Hold it waaaaay out and hide those knuckles! lol…….











I will see these guys again in June……let’s hope it will be 60 degrees warmer and the fish still chomping.













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