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The mailman delivers, but Ryan steals the show with NEW personal best!

Justin has been chomping at the bit to get down here and whack on some Sugar Lake walruses. Over the past week or so I heard 71 times that if I put him on the fish he would “DELIVER”…….30 minutes into day 1 “The mailman” was 0 for his first 7 attempts. Needless to say Ryan and I were having a great time with this……



Now listen, before you start having a pity party for my man Justin……he caught his next 27 fish in a row and was nearly auto freaking matic for the rest of the trip. We caught 94 fish. (had my clicker with me) Of those 94 we could of easily taken pics of 60 and I promise you I would of on Falcon Lake. Check out a few that we took a pic of to represent the average fish over at Sugar right now…..4 to 6 lbers.

IMG_2069.JPG IMG_2068.JPG



The above fish are all over Sugar right now and I’m telling you it’s an absolute blast to set the hook into one 4 to 6 lber after another. The worst part of the trip was the wind today. We tried to get into our jackpot cove, but the wind shifted just enough out of the West to blow right into it at 25+ mph gusts. Our best spot from the first day wasn’t fishable. We did the best we could today with plan B, C, and D.


Soooooo you want to see some walruses? Check out these two from the Mailman!


Brick Shithouse




Ryan was not to be outdone.

Check out the Walrus and Jr. Walrus on damn near back to back pitches!!!



I love that freaking picture. That is an awesome pic of Ryan…..with or without the fish. No I’m not going Tony Homo on you all either. Just stating facts, GREAT pic.



Well, you are probably wondering about this new personal best for ole Ryan. Here she is….10-89 lbs.






got dayum



After we got in, my main man Rey hooked us all up with a round of top shelf tequila to celebrate a true fish of a lifetime for Ryan.



Here is a pic of me with the hottest fisherman in Mexico….Sugar Rey.



That guy right there is pure gold and is an instrumental piece to my success on Sugar Lake.


I have had a lot of EPIC trips in my career. This one was special and not just from a fish catching perspective. Listen I know I say it a lot, but I don’t care. I have some amazing friends that come down and spend their hard earned TIME and MONEY on my business. They are the cornerstones of through their continued support and abundant generosity. Goodness, sweet mother of pearl……WHAT. A. GREAT. TRIP.




Love ya Highstakesbassin fans……Muchas gracias,





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