The Laura show

Laura put one on us today. She had the hot lure and technique down today. She caught 8 fish. Danny caught 1.5 and I caught .5 (don’t ask). A finesse c-rig was the ticket to getting bit. I rigged up a c-rig with a 3/4 oz sinker, 2ft leader with a circle hook for her. She caught fish on standard flukes and also 10 inch ole monsters. The lake is on the rise and these fish are scattering. I will be out scouting the next two days to see if I can re-locate my fish. I am never a fan of going shallow, but it would not surprise me if a lot of fish have pushed up into the grass that has been growing for the past several months. I have a square bill tied on and will go shallow for a look tomorrow.

Total fish: 10
Best five: about 20 lbs
Kicker: again we didn’t have one





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