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Falcon Report

The Good, the bad, the ugly and today…..

By December 27, 2012No Comments

3 fish….we all caught 1 fish apiece. Kicker went a little better than 5 and a half pounds. (pictured) My clients for today drove 22 hours straight from Indiana to catch 2 fish. They got into town around 9 and we were on the water by 11:00 and fished till 5:30. We probably had 10 bites all day. All bites came off of soft plastics. We threw the heck out of cranks today and not one single nudge. Today on December the 27th of the year 2012 was the worst day of fishing I have ever seen on this lake. I talked to another guide who boated 4 fish all day and he is one of the best and will remain nameless. I talked to a friend who fishes Falcon a lot and is a tremendous stick out here and drum roll……..2 fish. I would like to blame it on the nasty cold front, but I can’t. The last really bad cold front that came through two weeks ago produced 4 straight awesome days of fishing. See links below.


I am not going to speculate as to why we are having such crazy swings in the fishing the past several months. It’s been a wild ride. For those that are coming down and expecting 100 fish days and 40 lb stringers everyday, don’t come down because it ain’t happening right now. Don’t spend all that money to come down and be upset about the results. Can you still have a day like the links above? You betcha, but those days are going to be more of the exception rather than the rule. Will that change next month? or the month after or June or August of next year? Only Momma Nature knows for sure. When you come down bring the right attitude and mindset and who knows Falcon may still give you a few days you won’t soon forget. I would like to thank Jim and Jim Sr for the opportunity….talk about a couple of cool cats. They have been doing the father/son fishing trips for years much like my dad and I. It’s wonderful to see. They have 5 more days left and I wish them nothing but the best. Good luck men.