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The Good Man upstairs got one of the very best, 21 straight, Falcon Lake and trailer issues 



My Grandpa passed away last week. He was 93 years old. That pic was the last time I went golfing with him……August 22nd 2010. (Thanks for taking that pic Charlie!!) I got to see him one last time while I was in PA this past August. It was tough and has been tough the last year and a half. My Mom and her sisters were amazing during that stretch. I could literally write a book about how great my Grandpa was in every single aspect of life. I’m not going to write that book here because the book, even though he’s gone, will never have an ending. My family, my kids, my grand kids, my great great great great grand kids will carry on with his ideals, with how he lived life, with how he loved family more than anything, and with how he treated people………forever.


“Family is everything”

See ya on the other side Grandpa



I just finished watching the tribe win 21 straight this afternoon. I was supposed to be at Sugar, but I am having trailer issues and I don’t have my paperwork back for the new boat. Soooooooooo we are in a bit of a holding pattern for Sugar. I am hopeful that the trailer will be fixed Friday. Fingers crossed!! I have been on Falcon quite a bit of late. The fishing is very average in my opinion. Yesterday afternoon could of been epic, but we just couldn’t land the big ones. I was the main culprit…..I could not keep the big girls glued on the chrome and blue trap I was using. I’m fishing that trap in some serious junk so you have to pull for all of your worth to get em out and they just wouldn’t stay buttoned up. I did get a 6 and two 5’s to the boat, but that was it…..I was probably 3 for 10. Literally. The average size fish here on the North end of the lake is pretty decent right now.

img_3273.jpg img_3277.jpg


Those pics give you an idea of what we are catching a lot of at the moment here on Falcon. We had a beaver at the boat ramp trying to help too……lol.



…..and my girl Marlie was happy that I stayed home today as well. Such a beautiful dog.



Love ya gang…..and goooooooo Tribe!!!




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