The Gangnam Style Kid on Falcon Lake Part II

I took Axl and his dad into jungle to start the day……




…….and did we ever whack the 1-3 lb fish. After our 3 bite and 1 fish day yesterday, today was a lot of fun. My man Axl zeroed yesterday, but today? He caught not 1, not 2, not 3, not 6, not 8, but 9 fish today! He now has an “official” personal best of 2-0. He had one that he swears was 5 lbs get away from him today. We know where she lives and will be back after her tomorrow. The last two days are what I live for. Nothing and I do mean nothing makes me happier than to see a father taking his child fishing. I have had some great dads step foot on my boat over the past year and Warren is certainly no exception. Speaking of great dads… parents will be in Zapata Sunday afternoon for about 10 days, can’t wait. I have one more day with Warren and The Gangnam Style Kid. Check out Axl celebrating his 9 fish day….Gangnam Style.


















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