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The fishing was S_ _ _ _ Y today on Falcon Lake

I don’t think you need a Masters Degree in Wheel of Fortune to figure that word out. Buying a vowel not needed. I really thought Elmo and I were gonna SMACK em today. We stayed primarily on the North end of the lake because Elmo had to leave before noon. Good grief the North end up here was an absolute struggle. Did we catch fish? sure and I’ll come clean Elmo straight beat me down with his lizard. (No Romo)


The current was as strong as I have ever seen it on the main lake and I really was hell bent on fishing my main lake stuff. I threw a crankbait dang near the entire day…..Elmo went to pick up his crankbait rod at the end and thought better of it. He then said one of the funniest things I have ever heard on my boat……He looked at me and said,”you know…not being able to catch a fish on Falcon Lake with a crankbait is like shitting in your hand and rubbing your hair with it.” Now Elmo had several other one liners that will have to remain “off the record”. lol.






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