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The fishing just continues to impress me

Tommy called me this morning and asked me to hit the water with him today. I wanted to take out my 521vx today and run it through it’s paces with the new jackplate, but he was already loaded up and wanted to run his boat today. Tommy and I have been on the same page with Falcon for a while now and I can promise you that if you book with him or you book with me you will get an unmatched experience. By pooling our info, the winner is you. Tommy and I leave no stone un-turned (pun intended) to provide the best Falcon Lake experience or in Tommy’s case Falcon Lake or Sugar Lake. If you have a group that wants to come down give me a ring. We have had GREAT success with multiple parties and already have a couple on the books coming up. I know, I know…… I am starting to sound like an infomercial, but hey business is slllllloooooow and the fishing is spectacular right now. lol……come on down!


We fished the North end of the lake today which is where all of my big fish have been coming from. Did we get bit big today? Oh my…..If Tommy and I were fishing a Tourney today we would be on our second or third 5th of whiskey by now. Tommy had two giants come unglued. (one on t-rigged worm and the other on crank) and lost a 6 pounder on a crank that we got a good look at. I was not to be out done. I broke off a straight up beast in the timber. This one row of trees has been producing some giants for a while now and I told Tommy to get the video ready. I re-tied my spinnerbait and chunked in there and just got my @ss kicked and broken off. I hope Tommy doesn’t show that video. Temper-tantrum? You betcha….I really believe we had 3 fish on over 9 pounds (how much over 9? who knows, but Sea World Walrus Certified? check.) Tommy did boat a dang nice Walrus in that 7 in a half pound range pictured below. (he called it 7, but I guarantee she was closer to 8 than 7)


You ask what was all the action on? Geez the better question would be what didn’t we have action on. Seriously…..we caught fish from 2ft to 18 ft on a crig and d-shot from timber to rocks to gravel. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? I mean to tell ya it is. We are back at it tomorrow and will be down on the South end of the lake in the 521vx. Tommy has had a hydro JP before and I am going to pick his brain a bit. Oh and trust me we will be whacking some fish too. Gonna show him some finesse d-shotting…..Lake Erie style. Rumor has it we will be having a fish fry tomorrow as well.


Give us a ring…..would love to get ya’ll out there.




13 years……where does the time go? Still tough to swallow…..Who would of ever thought after all that we would have a President by the name of Barack Hussein Obama? I refuse to talk Politics on my report and I am not going to start now, but seriously?

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