The fish got bigger…….

We caught a lot of 0.25 to 1 lb fish yesterday. Today? Most of our fish were the next level up……2 to 3 lbs. My man Jeff to scored himself a nice 6.08 that we weighed and a few others in the 3 lb range as well. I had John today as well. This group switched around a bit today. John absolutely wore them plum out on a 3/4 oz JoBaby white spinnerbait. I don’t know how many he caught on that thing to be honest. It was by far our best producing bait today. The 6.08 was caught on a crig with a 10 inch cali 420 Zoom Ole Monster. That fish along with a few others were caught out of 20+ foot of water. We also caught fish in under a foot of water. Again the theme was small, but not as small as yesterday.



Total fish: 21 (13 fish after 1 o’clock)

Best five: around 20 lbs

Kicker: 6.08 lbs



Check out Michelle! She is part of this group here, but got in later than the others. Tony took her out at the end of the day for a couple of hours. I think she is ready for tomorrow!













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