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The Father/Son duo from Austin battle a tough Falcon Lake

Had a great time today with Terry and Bassmaster Bob. The fishing was less than spectacular yet again, but these guys didn’t let that bother them one bit. We all caught fish and we all lost couple as well. No 12 inch dinks, but no walruses today either. We had a few fish that I would of liked to have gotten a better look at. I had one 100 yard stretch that saved the day. The bush I lost the giant in two days ago produced 3 fish today….lol. Every time Terry set the hook the hair stood up on my neck with excitement. Solid fish, but certainly not the giant that is lurking around that area. I almost re-booked tomorrow bad weather and all. Had some guys down on their luck call me. They just wanted to catch a damn fish, but I convinced them that tomorrow’s weather would not help their luck one bit.

Thanks again for the opportunity fellas.






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