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Falcon Report

The Falcon STARE DOWN and a boat update……

By January 7, 2014No Comments



I went out today for 4 hours and Falcon nor I gave an inch. I fished the Veleno today and that was it. I didn’t get a single bite. These fish are not sitting on the structure, but sitting off of it and in a lot of cases suspending.  Check the screen shot below…..we have fish all over screen, but notice where my boat is sitting.  I am sitting off the point….no sooner did I move up on the point the screen goes blank. That’s frustrating…..think of it like this. You open up a Whataburger (the top of the point) and next thing you know some punk puts a burger stand up right in front of your entrance and he’s GIVING AWAY better burgers than you are serving. (we are serving crankbaits on the point….the fish are being served tasty shad for free as can be seen on the screen shot.  Now this is taking place off the point before they can get to my sexy shad 6xd)  I know what you are thinking….hey throw a 10xd at em.  I did…..hey throw a drop shot at em!?!?!….I did. I see this a lot here. When you get into an area that is LOADED full of the real thing(shad or other bait fish) bass become very tough to catch. Do you want a filet mignon or a #$%@ sandwich? I don’t need to tell you which one the fish views as the #$%@ sandwich.




The air temp when I started this morning was 37 degrees. It warmed up to a balmy…….




I will be back at it tomorrow and there is some good news ahead…..I hope. The weather is taking a turn for the good starting tomorrow and it appears that it’s going to be around for a while. The moon phase is also going to be fantastic during this mild weather stretch as well. I’m ready.


I got some good news in regards to my boat today. She is going to be ready to roll within a week by the sounds of it. They are just waiting on an oil strainer from Yamaha. They have the new powerhead and heads though…..things are looking up and I can’t wait to get the whip back.