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Falcon Report

The Dove Man and Captain Karl episode 2

By June 9, 2012No Comments

Today we fished deep and stayed deep until the very end of the day. Our bites as a whole were not nearly as big as yesterdays. Our first 14 fish were in the 0.25 – 3 lb range. After that our quality got pretty dang good. Karl landed a loooooooong PB of 8-9 for our best today. Karl didn’t waste much time getting one bigger to the boat and when I say boat I mean 2 feet from the net. We didn’t get to hang her on the scales though. Karl fought the fish like a champ, but somehow she was able to free herself of that 6/0 hook.

Total fish: around 40
Best 5: 34 and change
Kicker: Karl’s 8-9 personal best