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Falcon Report

The damn Dam experience……

By September 19, 2013No Comments

Well folks if you are coming down and all you got is the dam…….good luck. I spent four and a half hours down there in total disbelief. I wasn’t alone either. Keith Combs came over with his hands up in the air asking what the heck was going on. All I could do was laugh and say keep grinding it out. I caught 3 fish in 4 and a half hours and Chad zeroed…..yep nada. All three of my fish came off making extremely long casts with a 10xd in about 20ft of water paralleling one of the ledges down there. Two were good fish with the biggest going a shade over 7 lbs. (our biggest fish of the day) At 11:30 we left the dam and boy did we whack the heck out of em all the way back to the County boat ramp. Chad is probably thinking I am plum crazy for driving all the way to the dam for 3 fish. We caught 5 fish in 10 minutes within spitting distance of the county boat ramp… UGH. Chad’s first 5 hours = 0 fish with 0 bites. The last 3 hours? 17 fish with a nice 6.48 kicker. I ended the day with 10. For those of you scoring at home that was a 17 to 7 run for my man Chad to end the day. Root Beer……I know, I know my colors change on a daily basis, but he threw Root Beer and I threw every other color in my dang tackle box and he just straight up pounded me on that Norman Root Beer color. Give James a call and ask him if he has any Deep Lil N’s in Root Beer left… I sure hope I can get on the fish before noon tomorrow…..goodness. More importantly the weather looks dicey to say the least. We are gonna go give it heck regardless.