The current state of Falcon Lake and Music Video Monday number 9!

Here we are March 3rd and we are getting pummeled by yet another arctic blast. The fishing is as bad right now as I have ever seen it. A lot of folks are calling me, emailing, texting, etc. asking what is going on. Number one, I am not a marine biologists and while I could spew a bunch of convincing BS as to what is going on I have chose not to for the most part. This essay qualifies under the category of “for the most part”I am going to try and answer the most commonly asked questions below:


1.) Why are there no fish on rocks/deep structure right now?

We have to go back to April 22nd and at that point we were sitting at 256.51 or 44.69 feet low. That was our lowest water level since September of 2005. After that low point we had 3 different instances where we caught several feet of water in a short period of time. The last instance was in October and it pushed the bass to the backs of every creek.


This also coincided with our first major cold fronts of the year which dropped our water temps and sent the baitfish to the backs of the creeks as well. The bass and bait haven’t left and nor will they until we start dropping water. They have no reason to leave the shallows right now. Go to the back of any creek and the first thing you will notice are the piles upon piles of threadfin shad. It’s like we have a threadfin shad spawn dang near every month. You will also notice all of the flooded new and old growth that provides great cover for these fish. Can you catch some fish on deep structure? Sure, but it will be an even longer day than usual. Trust me I want to get out there. Here are two fish caught off of deep rock structure in the Tigers about a month ago.

20140303-141732.jpg    20140303-141618.jpg



2.) Should I still come down and is it worth my time and money?

YES……YES and a lot more of YES. I am not just saying this because I am guide here either. Hey folks, lakes cycle and I don’t care what lake you are talking about. Pick one and Falcon is no different. We are currently cycling down and have been for more than a month or two….more like a year or two to be honest. Falcon is currently fishing like a “normal” lake. Well, a normal lake that has 15+ lbers swimming in it….lol. Just ask Bruce about that.



Bruce caught 2 fish that day, but one of them went 15 and change a few weeks back. What I meant by normal is that you are going to have some terrible days on the water followed by some good days, then bad, then good, etc. etc. Here is a for instance. Two days ago we got on em pretty good. Yesterday? 2 bites and zero boated fish. I talked to another guide who only boated two fish yesterday, but one of them went 10-8.



Congrats to Timmy G. and client!


3.) Will the fishing ever return to the way it was from 2008 to 2011?

Yes…….water, water, and more water. Falcon Lake is an old lake and has many years of data and history to lean on. History shows that the fishing comes and goes. It also shows that it’s correlated  with water level or lack there of.


4.) Is Falcon Lake past her prime?

No. Falcon much like a lot of these South Texas and Mexico lakes go through “new lake” booms after a prolonged drought and all the new growth that develops during low water conditions. As mentioned above Falcon has a long history of bouncing back with a vengeance. I for one will not bet against it happening again…….and again…….and again. Check out the graph below courtesy of


I have talked to more than one long time Falcon enthusiast and in every single conversation there are periods that come up that they talk about the fishing being phenomenal. Any guesses to which years the fishing was phenomenal? Mid 70’s….Late 80’s….and the most recent boom between 2008 and 2011. Why?…..water? Yes water, but more importantly the years of drought and low water conditions before the water play a role in how hard she has bounced back and how big the “new lake” effect was. The longest period of low water on Falcon Lake occurred between the mid 90’s to early 2000’s as seen above. What happened after that was the biggest and best “new lake” effect that this lake has ever seen.


5.) What’s the best month to come down to Falcon now?

I get this question A LOT. Falcon is still a 12 month lake, but the better fishing as a whole has been happening in the summer/fall months. (May – November) 2013 showed this and I believe 2014 will follow suit especially with the terribly cold winter that we have gone through. With all that said 2015, 2016, etc, etc. could be different. Predicting what mother nature is going to do is like trying to play God. No thanks……I’ll stick to my pay grade.


6.) Heck with it Jay….I am still coming down, what should I expect? and what will we be fishing?

On MOST DAYS If you hire me you can expect to catch 3 to 10 fish a day with a VERY good opportunity at a fish in the 6-8 pound range. We will be fishing creeks from 18 inches to 12 feet of water. Our go to lures will be Norman DD14’s and Norman Deep Lil N’s in creek channels and drains. Spinnerbaits with double gold willow blades in the thick stuff. We will also be pitching brush hogs and lizards with varying weights depending on wind and depths.


7.) I am thinking about coming down in April, May, June, or July what should I stock up on?

Don’t stock up on anything. I have no clue where the bite will be during those times. I am hoping you will need to stock up on 10xd’s and 6xds, but with that said……if they don’t pull water then you will more than likely be stocking up on what was mentioned above.




I hope the Q and A was helpful. I wish anybody coming down the best of luck whether you use me or you use a different guide or you come down to wage war on Falcon alone. Here’s to hoping the fishing gets better.


Take care,




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