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The big 4-OOO in Vegas and a big 12.04 lb Mega Walrus on Falcon Lake.

My last Vegas trip for 2017 is in the books and Jaime, Danny, Laura and I had a pretty damn good time. Forty freaking years old. Time flies when you’re having fun. I turned 20 in Pennsylvania, 30 in Virginia, and now 40 in Texas….well technically Vegas. Life isn’t a straight path… and I am sure grateful to be sitting here typing these words right now. Here are a few pics from the 40th Birthday in Viva Las Vegas.


img_3526.jpg img_3527.jpg

img_3530.jpg img_0904.jpg



The fishing was out of this world prior to leaving for Vegas, but can tell you that it has come back down to Earth unfortunately. With that said we are still whacking on plenty of fish. We also got a hell of treat a couple days back as well. We were fishing beside Mark Pena when he came over and asked to borrow my scales. I said sure and asked Mark how big he thought it was. He said it might be a DD… He pulled her out of the livewell and I honestly thought I was gonna see 13 on my scales for the first time ever. Nooooo 13, but 12.04 lbs did flash up on the screen.


Congrats Mark! This isn’t the first DD I have taken a picture of for Mark… The guy is a stud no doubt.


Here are a few more nice pics from my boat the past couple of trips to Falcon and Sugar.

img_3555-1.jpg img_3569-1.jpg

img_3566-1.jpg img_3564-1.jpg


And nothing beats a brand new personal best from Sugar Lake…….gotta love the look of pure joy. Congrats Mr. Waggy!!! She hit triple 8’s on the scales.



I also got terrific news in regards to my new boat. There was nothing wrong with the motor as it turns out. The issue was a faulty wiring harness on Rangers end. I’m glad to get it back as my back up boat now is having lower unit issues and it’s off to the shop tomorrow. I will be staying home for the holidays this year and have plenty of availability heading to the new year. Drop me a line if a walrus hunt for Thanksgiving or Christmas sounds like a good time.




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