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There he is…..I swear he caught three fish this morning before my trolling motor hit the water. Was silly and he had two other stretches today where every cast was a bite, fish on, or boated. Cliff and I caught fish today, but nothing like Gary. Yesterday it was Scott in the zone and today it was Gary’s turn to breath deep within the zone. Here are a few pics of Gary this morning prior to launch.

yogo 2


Ya it got real in a hurry……


I also got into the Jr. Walrus category myself today. We were fishing some hardwoods in 12 foot of water that I have had some great success on when they are in 8 foot of water. I went there to just check if we could get bit and to check the area out on my graph. Let’s just say my graph lit up like a…..

christmas tree

We had 4 solid bites before the fish below inhaled my Yum baby bass weightless senko…….yeah it was a slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow presentation.


IMG_6365.JPG IMG_6366.JPG


Today was a great day on Falcon with A LOT of opportunity for magic and in the end that is all you can ask for. These guys are heading to Sugar Lake with me Sunday and Monday as well. Pretty excited to get the ball rolling down there. Please check my Sugar pricing. It ain’t a cheep date over there and I understand there are cheaper options out there, just like there are cheaper options here. I don’t hide or run from that fact. Those of you that chose my services I certainly appreciate it and will spare NO expense to ensure you have a fun and successful outing whether it be here or on Sugar Lake. Check out my services page below.


An example of my Sugar rates is 2 nights stay, 2 meals a day(breakfast and dinner), 3 days of fishing for 2 people is 800 times 3 days of fishing which comes to $2,400 or $1,200 per man. I will not do follow boats of any kind. A one day trip is still $800 or $400 a man. The best deal without question is multiple day bookings with me paying and taking care of everything.


Around noon Gary asked me if my boat had any tunes…..then Cliff said, “I could go for a lil ZZ Top.” (half joking) That’s when I fired up my ZZ Top station on the ole Lowrance. Hell of a day……



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