The ball n chain……

….. And no I’m not talking about the wife. Lol. I’m talking about the ball n chain from   This has been blistering hot of late. The falcon fluke on the back is as good as it gets. We are also using zoom mardi gras mag flukes. 3/4 oz or 1oz depending on depth and wind. Dennis caught the big fish of the day on the 1oz with a falcon fluke in the ugly color. Yes that’s the name of the color….. Ole ugly. We ran out of ball n chains today and that really hurt us. The fellas I took out today are hardcore dusk til dawn experienced Falcon regulars who have fished with some falcon icons such as Charlie Haralson. We did not tear em up by any stretch….. Well I didn’t. Lol. At one point I thought my first ever falcon skunking was heading my way, but that didn’t happen luckily. Dennis and Donnie are loaded back up with ball n chains and will give em hell again over the weekend without me.

Total fish: 14
Best 5: about 25 lbs
Kicker: 8 lbs

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One more trip left in August…….